We are more than a technology partner. We understand our clients’ business needs and work collaboratively to provide sustainable solutions for patients and consumers.


Our clinical development program targets new chemical entities and marketed drugs from traditional pharmaceutical activities to emerging cannabinoid molecules for which our delivery systems can offer unique strategic advantages.


We are a progressive drug delivery collaborator that enables differentiated and impactful, patient-centered solutions.


Pharmaceutical and biotech companies

Cannabinoid pharmaceutical companies

Academia, foundations and patient advocacy groups

Formulation technology companies

Health and wellness organizations

Animal health companies


Invasiveness: CureFilm™ has the potential to replace injections and infusions

Bioavailability: CureFilm™ can widen therapeutic index and provide a new avenue for toxic drugs

Adherence: CureFilm™ is easier to take and more palatable for children, the elderly and patients with neurologic disorders. Multiple actives can be loaded on a CureFilm™ addressing the challenges associated with polypharmacy

Precision dosing: CureFilm™ offers a unique form factor for patient-specific dosing.

Tailored mode of action: CureFilm™ can be designed to deliver fast onset, sustained release or a combination thereof

Product lifecycle strategy: CureFilm™ can provide a product life cycle strategy addressing expiring patents, generic encroachment and declining new drug pipelines.

Traceability: CureFilm™ cannot be easily counterfeited or tampered with.