Cutting-edge innovation for improved drug delivery of a wide range of active ingredients.

Innovation with the patient experience in mind

We specialize in optimal formulations to achieve targeted release and exposure of medications.​

Our focus

Selecting the most suitable dosage form is a critical strategy for optimizing physicochemical properties such as chemical and physical stability, solubility, dissolution rate, and bioavailability.

Our focus is on combining the right dose form with the optimal formulation to achieve targeted release and exposure of medications in the blood and organs, with a focus on oral pharmaceutical drug delivery.


Our advanced drug delivery systems can address safety and efficacy limitations observed during clinical development of new molecular entities by improving their pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profiles.

They can also offer drug developers new strategies for surviving patent cliffs by extending market exclusivity when the novel dose form addresses bona fide patient needs. For example, improved delivery systems can improve medication adherence and the patient experience by reducing dose frequency, side effects and invasiveness.

CUREform Benefits

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Increased bioavailability

through greater water solubility, enhanced permeability and retention in target tissue.

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Specific release profiles

allow for controlled time release of actives.

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Protection from degradation

during manufacturing and throughout shelf life

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Better patient experience

with effective symptom relief, improved taste masking, and overall ease of use.

Our Product Pipeline

Our Pharmaceutical Medicines

CUREfilm Blue

25mg and 50mg sildenafil oral dissolvable film for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.


We have completed our pre-IND meeting with the FDA, confirming a 505(b)(2) regulatory path.

CUREfilm Canna​

We are developing several cannabinoid products with optimized pharmacokinetic profiles using microCURE and CUREfilm technology.

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