Electrolytes Recovery

Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Vitamin B12

Replenish electrolytes without over-hydrating

Our bodies lose approximately 2-3 liters a day of fluid when sedentary and this can increase to 10-15 liters in intensively training athletes, especially in warmer climates.

With increasing fluid loss comes increasing electrolyte loss, and these too need to be replenished. In addition to water, the primary components of sweat are sodium, potassium and chloride, with smaller concentrations of magnesium and calcium. A major limitation associated with re-hydration and electrolyte repletion is absorption. Replenishing lost electrolytes is typically accomplished by consuming drinks which cause over-hydration.


CUREfilm® Electrolyte Recovery deliver Sodium and Potassium Chloride in a convenient grape flavored film without having to ingest any fluids. This product is ideal for athletes seeking to reduce cramping and accelerate recovery.

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