Jessica Rousset on CUREfilm features and advantages on the Big Biz Show – 2/12/2019 (Pt 2)


Jessica Rousset on CUREfilm features and advantages on the Big Biz Show – 2/12/2019 (Pt 2)

Video Transcript:

Sully: You’re looking at the website there,, a publicly traded company under the stock symbol CURR. And just like the website says, delivering a promise of healthier lives, because you improve how people take medicine. We were just talking about cannabis I wanna get back to that in a second but one of the products you guys have is your Sleep Club because you have the Sleep Stripzzz. I have a horrible time, I could fall asleep right now. I can’t stay asleep to save my ass, I mean I just I can’t. So I could go take Ambien if I want to but there’s other ways to do this, right? Talk about what you guys are offering.

Jessica: Yeah, absolutely. So we have a sleep aide which is a dietary supplement, you can purchase it online and it’s a very effective sleep aide. I would say as effective as Ambien, I take it personally, my husband suffers from insomnia, he benefits from it as well. The beauty is that you can take as much as you need, you can self-dose it’s a nutraceutical, right? So you’re not gonna get those nasty side effects that you would get and dependency issues as with Ambien.

Sully: Yeah, because the thing with Ambien I can only take it like twice a month, or they say that I won’t be able to get to sleep without it, right? That’s the big scare.

Jessica: Yeah, exactly.

Russ: I always wondered, if I take more am I gonna sleep longer or deeper.

Sully: That’s like saying it’s a 50% chance of rain, that means it’s gonna rain 50% of the time or it’s a 50-50 chance.

Russ: Yeah, I don’t know. [crosstalk 00:01:17]

Sully: You need to go to the top of Everest and start asking some questions. Talk about the sleep side, because sleep and cannabis are joined at the hip at some point here.

Jessica: Yeah, yeah, so I mean, look, our sleep strip has melatonin so some ingredients that folks are accustomed to seeing in the health food store. But it also has some innovative ingredients like beta-caryophyllene which is a terpene which is very abundant in the cannabis plant. However the beta-caryophyllene that we put in our sleep strip does not come from cannabis, it comes cloves. Because it can actually be found in other plants, but it has the same mechanism of action it binds the same receptor which is the CB2 receptor, the same receptor that CBD binds.

Russ: Cloves. Can you put these strips on a ham to make it taste [inaudible 00:02:00]?

Sully: I’m just wondering though, you guys recently announced that you entered into a multiyear agreement with a company called Canopy Growth Corporation and that’s the exclusive license for the CBD product. Talk exactly about what you guys intend to do because I know you guys are going a little further, you’re drilling a little deeper than most companies are doing with CBD.

Jessica: I mean our relationship with Canopy focuses on getting, you know, plant extracts. Of course they have grows, they have extracts, they’re perfecting and putting those in an innovative dosage form like the thin film to improve the absorption of their materials into the body. So we’re working with them on and we just completed feasibility study with them to take their materials and put them on our film.

Russ: Nice.

Sully: Is there, I mean is there a limitation on what you guys could be developing? In other words, you’re talking about, I mean are there heart medications that could be taken for this? Is there cholesterol medication I would take?

Russ: Ken, molecule is a molecule, pal.

Sully: Right, exactly.

Jessica: So that’s a great question and yes. You know, we talked about the regulatory path for drugs and so the 505(b)(2) path is a very attractive path because it’s a faster, cheaper way to market them.

Sully: And that’s the FDA path, right?

Jessica: That’s the FDA path, you do get exclusivity on the backend so we’re very interested in developing a pipeline of 505(b)(2), Sildenafil is the first one, but the others will be.

Sully: Which is what Russ?

Russ: I don’t know.

Sully: Viagra, learn that, learn that.

Russ: Oh that’s right I just ordered 14 packs.

Jessica: So we can look at lot of different therapeutic areas.

Sully: I know I’ll get emails because when we have Rob Davidson and the CEO, I tend to get emails. What is the path, I mean as far as time frame goes from getting from where you’re at to getting to market? You have any idea?

Jessica: Well, for 505(b)(2) could be as little as two years, maybe five years at the highest but it’s a much faster path.

Russ: It seems slow to me it should be like six months. What are those people over there doing?

Sully: Well they wanna make sure that it’s gonna be safe, that’s what it comes down to. Listen, we’re having you back here by the way Rob who? No, Rob Davidson will certainly come back as well. The name of the company CURE Pharmaceutical,, they’re a publicly traded CURR.