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What if your wellness products could be made more effective, convenient, and pleasing for your customers?

Consumers are increasingly engaged and educated in matters that affect their health. This is creating a need for supplements and cosmetics that fit between supermarket-based consumer goods and scientific, pharmacy-based pharmaceutical drugs.

Our Focus

Shelf life, bioavailability and palatability are essential to creating wellness products that meet increasingly educated and sophisticated consumers. From functional medicines, to nutraceuticals and advanced cosmetics, CURE can help you launch highly differentiated, scientifically formulated products.


Whether taken orally or topically, most therapeutic molecules require optimized formulations that ensures effective and safe absorption and releases of the ingredients in the body. CUREform™, our line of innovative formulations and dosage forms combine the right formulation with the right dosage form for easier, safer and more effective administration of consumer wellness products.

CUREform™ improves shelf life, bioavailability and palatability

We understand your bottom line

We are more than a technology partner. We work to understand your business goals and collaborate with you to deliver sustainable solutions for you and your customers. From formulation development to commercial manufacturing, we design and produce our products at our cGMP facility in Oxnard, CA.

How We Collaborate

Product and Process Development

Custom formulations for discerning wellness brands

We work with you to design new products for your brand that combine active ingredients in the most effective dose form.

Manufacturing and Scale Up

Contract manufacturing to suit your brand needs

We operate an FDA-registered, cGMP 25,000 sq ft production plant.

CURE Products Private Label

Expand your product line and increase your customer base

Our existing premium formulations across our dose forms allow you to deliver innovative products to your customers quickly and easily.

Power Up with CUREform

Improve your formulations and maintain your manufacturing process
Already have a contract manufacturer you work with? You can still leverage CUREform™ power.
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